G’day, My name is Nimai and I’m about to take a mini-retirement to find the joyful things in my life again.

Nimai sitting on a rock in the snow

My decision to travel

It’s a Monday morning and back to the daily grind of completing another day in a job I have lost interest in… Does this sound all too familiar?

I’m currently finishing up my last year of service after completing a 6 year contract for the Royal Australian Navy, I feel I have lost a sense of purpose and job satisfaction in the work I am doing, I’m unsure of my next career or path to take, all I know is it’s time for a change, and that a new adventure awaits.

I recently turned 30 years old, no girlfriend or kids. I sometimes question why I haven’t settled down, had a family and done all the normal things that others seem to do, but there is a burning desire that keeps coming back, a voice in my head that says:

Get out there and travel, experience the world, meet new people, find a sense of joy in your life again“.

I have always had a desire to travel from a young age, I have visited a few countries for holidays over the past 8 years including America, Mexico, Thailand, New Zealand and Bali, but I have never spent an extended period of time to immerse myself in other cultures and get a real feel for the country I’m visiting.

Why haven’t I done it yet? I’ve been caught up working ever since school: I completed a Bachelor Degree at University, worked in IT for two and a half year and then joined the Navy where I have been contracted for the past 6 years.

With all current commitments finishing toward the end of 2016 I am taking my long overdue Gap Year, or as I like to call it a Mini-retirement.

What I hope to gain from travel?

I’m going through a phase of self-discovery, identifying my strengths, my passions and trying to figure out work that I would enjoy doing that serves a purpose in this world. I’m hoping that through travelling I will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the world
  • Grow through new adventures and experiences
  • Be inspired
  • Meet new friends
  • Have conversations with interesting people
  • Develop new personal interests
  • Stimulate new ideas
  • Identify other interesting jobs and careers
  • Better understand myself
  • Discover inner passions
  • Find the things that bring joy to my life

My core values

I have identified 7 core values with which to live my life:

  1. Adventure
  2. Growth
  3. Self-Respect
  4. Spirituality
  5. Balance
  6. Happiness
  7. Meaningful Work

The decision to travel aligns with 6 of my core values I aim to live by and through travel I hope to gain a clearer understanding on point number 7: Meaningful Work. I’m hoping through aligning myself with my other 6 values and by traveling I will develop an understanding of meaningful work that suits my skills and has a sense of purpose in the world.