How to find value in Crypto Assets – A valuation framework

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As Cryptoassets, also known as Cryptocurrencies are relatively new, it has been very difficult to provide a definitive guide on investing in this space. The book Crytpoassets by Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar does a good job at providing a decent framework for making your own judgement and assessment of an asset you may like to invest in. This frame … Read More

The Monk who sold his Ferrari, by Robin S. Sharma

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Book cover - The Monk who sold his Ferrari

The book in 2 sentences A corporate lawyer had it all, after a fatal heart attack he gives up everything on a quest to discover more about the meaning of life. The book tells explores the seven timeless virtues of an enlightened life. Notes My dad said it best when he said, “John, on your deathbed you will never wish … Read More

Getting an Access Key for your Instagram account

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Ok, this is a quick guide for getting an API Access Key so you can connect your Instagram account to your website or blog. Access the Instagram Developers Documentation and sign in using your Instagram account. You will need to Register Your Application – follow the prompts. Write down the client ID, client secret, and redirect URI for the client you want … Read More

Focus on your own path

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Article title - Focus on your own path

Many years ago I was stuck in a rut and lost a lot of joy and purpose in my life. I was working, drinking and consuming a lot of movies and video games, I didn’t focus on improving my self a little bit each day. My first step to improve myself was to read more books. Years ago, I would … Read More

Guide to writing a narrative

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Image Title - Tips on writing a narrative

Sometimes authors use memorable experiences from their own lives to tell stories that entertain or teach the reader values and life lessons.  You might also end up creating a journal or diary entry to record events and observations. If so, you could draw from this entry when you write about your memories or experiences, helping you to develop a compelling … Read More

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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Book cover for The War of Art

 The book in a few sentences A book about the obstacles we face when trying to produce creative work. What stops us from pursuing creative endeavours that we have always wanted? Why is our their a nay-sayer inside of us blocking us from doing the work we have always wanted? This book assists us with starting that project, whether that be starting … Read More

A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy

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The book in a few sentences This is written for those seeking a philosophy of life. It is the philosophy of the ancient Stoics. The Stoic philosophy of life may be old, but it merits the attention of any modern individual who wishes to have a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling—who wishes, that is, to have a good … Read More