Focus on your own path

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Article title - Focus on your own path

Many years ago I was stuck in a rut and lost a lot of joy and purpose in my life. I was working, drinking and consuming a lot of movies and video games, I didn’t focus on improving my self a little bit each day.

My first step to improve myself was to read more books. Years ago, I would have been lucky to read a couple of books in a whole year, so my first step was to read more often. I decided to read about self improvement and professional development.

Many of these books were great and covered some great points on being a better person, however I got bogged down in the content and found myself constantly comparing myself to other people. I became overwhelmed when I compared myself to more successful people. I asked questions Why can’t I be like that? Why can’t I find my passions? Why can’t I do that?

I started comparing myself to people who I knew directly in my life. I used to get envious of others who were more successful then me, for instance they managed to start a business and were earning a great sum of money. It was like a disease and I struggled to take off the blinkers and to stop focusing my attention on what everybody else was doing.

At times I was depressed because I got caught up thinking that I wasn’t good enough at anything because I constantly compared myself to the elite.

Then one day, my views all changed when I started to focus on mindfulness and gratitude.

I focused more on myself and my own values instead of what other people were doing. I decided  I want to be more creative, I want to be a professional in some field and I want to be a better person to others.

I decided to make small improvements in my own life each day.

Today i’m still on the path of improving myself a little bit each day without comparing myself to others. This is my path and my journey alone.

Currently I’m improving my fitness and going to the gym once a day during the week. I’m studying to be a Web Developer and have dedicated at least one hour per day to code. I am reading more, and get a lot more out of the books.

My general wellbeing has improved now that i’m dedicated to my own improvement.

So the one takeaway I hope you get from this is to focus on your own path. Do the things that you enjoy doing regardless of what others do. Improve yourself that one little bit each day. It doesn’t need to be huge, but small little improvements that compound over time.